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Fashion's Dirty Secrets | My thoughts

It's been a while since I last wrote a post, I feel like I haven't stopped in months and it's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. When it rains, it pours and all that, but that's life and it's ok to hit a block sometimes. So to those of you still here reading my blog here and there, thank you.

I recently watched Stacey Dooley's documentary - 'Fashion's Dirty Secrets' and was horrified how uneducated I was regarding the damage the fashion industry is having on countries around the world. In the documentary you see a seabed, now reduced almost entirely to dust since the region was developed for cotton production, as well as witnessing children bathing in a river that is physically boiling (and v dangerous) from the horrible chemicals being released in to it and all for what? A piece of clothing that may get chucked away after 2 wears. It really made me think about becoming more conscious when it comes to buying. 

In general, I don't buy or work with really really cheap fast fashion brands (I won't name, but the ones that mass produce and constantly slash prices by 40% on the regular). The quality is crap and as someone in the profession where I advise for my job, it's false advertising and I would never want to be lying for my own benefit, plus who wants shoddy clothes that don't last? However, it's interesting to see that the brands you think you could trust (and clearly can't!) refusing to comment on the matter. Guilty? How are we to know what goes on?

Instagram is now a world full of influencers making money by recommending items and everyone being in the 'need it now' mentality. I am by no means disrespecting influencers here, that's the way the social media world works and for a lot of them it is their full time job, but the brands themselves should be liable to making a change as much has we the consumers should. Is sending 20 items to one influencer or celebrity every week really a good thing? Will it be worn to it's full potential? I expect no would be the answer and it's having a negative impact on peoples mentality around shopping as well contributing to unnecessary waste. Equally, people who are in a less fortunate position have to shop cheaper brands to survive, therefore something needs to be done so everyone can make an impact, not just those who can shop sustainable brands and better quality. 

Of course no one is going to stop shopping and most people would be lying to say they were (certainly me!) however, with everyone taking small steps to change, it's definitely going to have a positive impact down the line and the more people speak up, the more brands will have to make a change. I also do not want to come across as a hypocrite by writing this post as my job is in the industry at the heart of the problem, but by changing our habits, hopefully together we can all do a bit of good.  

So on that note, here's a few tips on how to create less waste and more wear:

  • Re-sell clothes & buy second hand - even car boot sales or clothes swaps. I LOVE eBay, Depop etc, there's so many bargains to be had and after all, one mans trash is another mans treasure. 
  • Never throw away clothes unless they are falling to pieces and beyond repair. Recycle - donate to charity, give to a friend or younger family member. H&M amongst other retailers operate a system where you can recycle your clothes in store. 
  • Invest in items true to your personal style that will have longevity, ones you can wear again and again. 
  • Pin point your personal style (and if you struggle with this - ask for help, my inbox is always open!). Don't buy because you feel like you have to fit in with the trends. When it comes down to it you'll look most confident in what suits you best and what you're comfortable in. 
  • H&M and several other brands are working towards sustainability, their collection uses recycled materials. It's worth a quick google to find out what brands are having a positive impact. 
  • Shop your wardrobe before you buy, not only will it save you money and benefit you in the long run, it will give you an idea of what you actually need, as opposed to what you think you need. 

Jessica x 

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