Sunday, 13 May 2018


Life is expensive. . there's no doubt about it. So the question lies.. can you really shop on a budget? Absolutely yes. It can actually be very doable with some simple steps and changing the outlook on the way you shop. With social media there's the attitude of suddenly needing an item you've seen on Instagram - we've all been guilty of it, but remember with purchases like this, does it fit with your current wardrobe? Can you style it with at least 3 items?

Supermarkets - often a place that people will shun for fashion picks. Everyone lives on different budgets and style certainly doesn't have to be dictated by it. They are often full of on trend replicates and the quality isn't half bad! In fact, a pair of my best fitting jeans are from F&F at Tesco in and were in the sale for £14 and although white, they weren't at all see-through (yippeee!). One thing I would say is don't judge their clothes by the websites, they aren't particularly all user friendly or showcase the products to their full potential, but if you're in store, don't bypass the clothing sections (because there's some real winners!).

Here's a few tips for shopping on a budget:

1) Shop around, you'll be surprised how many dupes you can find if you know what you're looking for and a quarter of the price (go to places you've never been or rarely go!)

2) Stop impulse buying - 90% of the time it's pointless. I was having a new season refresh of my own wardrobe and realised so many things I thought I needed at the time haven't been a most loved item and certainly didn't get the wear they deserved..

3) Build a wardrobe that works for you. Having a wardrobe that can mix and match showcasing your unique style is so important. It means there is less need to buy for the sake of buying and with the correct base layers you can invest in the less expensive trend items without having to splurge on a full outfit each time you have an occasion pop up!

4) Set yourself a budget - for instance, a £50 allowance per month on clothes or on a specific item. For example, jeans - that's all you buy in that month. By limiting yourself it gives you the opportunity to 'shop you wardrobe' and maximise what you already have.

5) Every time you struggle to piece an outfit together, make a mental note or write down the item you are missing. If it's the same item on more than one occasion, it will be worthwhile making a purchase.

Over the next few weeks on the blog and over on Instagram.. I will be showcasing the best of the high street under certain price brackets for each category of clothing!


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