Friday, 16 February 2018


The kids section.. total envy of the no VAT.. everyone loves paying 20% less, let's face it. So why not shop it?

I've always said to people regarding sizing on labels.. take it with a pinch of salt, it can be easy to get hung up on what size you are but as long as it fits perfectly and you feel great in it.. that's all that matters. No one goes round asking to see the tag inside your top or trousers...

Let's take childrenswear for example.. retailers are most certainly making sizing bigger - I can only make the assumption that society is producing bigger children!! Personally, I would say 13-14 years these days would represent a women's size 8-10 and 11-12 years a size 6-8 for example. Like all sizing, it varies from store to store - the same with any category of clothing. Each retailer uses different models, different nationalities etc as a base of their standard sizing, so of course none are going to be the same. It's the same with every item of clothing being made to fit the 'hourglass' figure.. I.e a mannequin. As stylist's, it's our job to put the hourglass back into any figure.

The type of clothes you find in the children's section these days follow the trends and aren't just what a 9 year old would wear, like some may think. In fact, the majority of the time they have the same if not very similar items in both adults and kids. My cream fur coat from M&S.. adults £79, kids £30 - you know which one I purchased!! 

Retailers like Mango, Zara and M&S all have great kids sections and I've found many fab wardrobe staples along the way (and not just for myself!). Take the trousers pictured above for example, the first pair I purchased months ago having in mind that I would get them tailored to fit me as required. They were from the range that starts at S, M, L - never helpful!  It was only when I walked in store a few months after that I saw the exact same trousers, for nearly half the price and they fitted perfectly!

On a shopping trip with my girl friends in Zara recently (after continuously telling them they would fit into the kids section). Finally, they didn't think  I was totally bonkers as they found things they wanted to buy. Both said ladies have completely different body shapes to me, as well as each other. The same with heigh and personal style - so it just proves it! It pays to have a browse and try.. yes ok if it doesn't fit so be it.. you have nothing to lose only a gain of potentially paying 20% less when shopping.

Of course, if you're super tall.. kids section trousers may not quite be suitable as naturally they are likely to come up shorter in length 80% of the time - sometimes this can be the same with sleeve length but again, this varies with each item so it's worth giving things a try. Who knows what you may find!?


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