Monday, 18 December 2017


One of the most important factors when dressing and looking good, is feeling comfortable. If you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.. you will carry the outfit perfectly.

When I am planning an outfit, comfort plays a big part. I used to not wear a coat to secondary school because I thought I was way tooo cool to possibly be cold. Now I look back and wonder how on earth I survived... now it's 55 layers before I leave the house. Ask my boyfriend.. he's seen me at my finest (just call me Doris).

Half of this outfit is actually from Zara kids, would you believe (post coming soon on childrenswear sizing!). I purchased these trousers in the adults section and kept meaning to arrange a tailor to take them in, never got round to it, walked into Zara and in the kids section, found the exact pair - much cheaper and the perfect fit! Proof it pays to shop around, even if this was unintentional.

This jumper is just so soft and cosy, I'm trying hard not to live in it this winter. The only issue being is it makes me look like I have huge guns and does become a struggle getting a jacket on - so next time you buy a frill jumper sleeve jumper, check it fits under the majority of your jackets first!!

The pop of red makes this outfit for me, I got this bag in Miss Selfridge and it fits everything in yay!! It is also available in several colours and now a total bargain.. link below! Who knew I'd match someones house exterior so well? The most gorgeous house in Brighton (DREAM!)

Trousers - Zara (Womens) £25.99 / Zara (Kids) £16.99

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