Sunday, 5 November 2017


"Style gives you the power to communicate without saying a word" - cliche, but incredibly true. First impressions are everything, especially in a world where most people's lives are documented on social media. 

Everyone is different, we all have our own style and that's what makes fashion great. You can have two people in one outfit, but they can look completely unique and that's where the styling comes in to it. Developing your personal style comes from knowing or learning the direction you want to take. Think about your favourite colours, materials, seasons, where you look for inspiration in general and even a style icon if you have one? All these factors fit together and enable you to create a vision. When you actually put some thought into it, you will probably find you are naturally drawn to specific styles, shapes or garment types - a good starting point when focusing on building YOUR perfect wardrobe.

One thing you have to remember is that style is personal and doesn't necessarily evolve straight away - even the most talented and well dressed people make mistakes. Sometimes it takes leaving the house and being photographed to realise the trousers you thought looked nice, actually look god awful. Practice makes perfect, after all and it's definitely something you learn over a period of time and I think will always still learn as you go through life. We have to make mistakes in order to improve and that's a fact with everything.
Fashion is a fast paced industry and believe me you don't have to buy into every trend, it's about finding looks that make you feel great and work for you and your lifestyle and if that includes a trend, so be it. It's about taking snippets of trends and working them in to your existing wardrobe, I.e I LOVE the embroidery trend.. so rather than buying every item of clothing with embroidery on that won't necessarily last me, I've focused on accessories, like a statement clutch for example and combined it with the more versatile items in my wardrobe. 

Across social, I always share my own outfit pictures and fashion finds. I don't expect everyone to love them and as a stylist I think it's so important I stress that. I have a group of lovely friends and the best part is, we all have such individual style and different body shapes. It constantly keeps me on the ball and ensures I don't let my own style get in the way, as inevitably the things I wear don't necessarily suit everyone or fit with their lifestyle. I think this is a very important thing to remember when browsing Instagram, especially with so much paid advertisement floating about and influencers playing such a big part in the fashion industry.. you don't need to buy into everything you see. It's all about taking inspiration from it and making sure you are one hundred percent thinking about yourself. 

Next time you feel stuck in a style rut, take a step back and take a wider look at your wardrobe. Once you have your signature style under wraps, it will enable you to invest in the pieces best suited to you and your lifestyle. 

Ps. For any additional personal style queries, please do feel free to contact me on social media or drop me an email - I'd love to help, in any way you may need x

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