Sunday, 21 May 2017


The style equation - aka cost per wear...

Those love at first sight items vs the hefty price tag.

Here's how it works:

Cost of item / approx amount of times you will wear it = £ cost per wear

The philosophy behind it: buy less, but choose quality items that make you feel amazing (fit and look, that is).

My CelinĂ© sunglasses, expensive but one hundred percent worth the investment. Since I received them on my birthday a year or so ago, I've worn them every day since and would never look back (plus they are prescription, so I rely on them like you do a limb). 

Obviously some items are going to get far more wear than others depending on your lifestyle and outfit needs - for example, a pair of jeans vs an evening dress.. that goes without saying.

However, sometimes its useful to weigh up the more expensive item vs the cheaper, for example a pair sandals that you may spend £10 on but have to buy four times due to them not lasting or the more expensive pair that will survive several summers and remain in style. It's the same with buying on trend items, if you absolutely love it and can imagine wearing it for the foreseeable future then don't be afraid to invest, however, if not.. the high street has plenty of inexpensive alternatives.

An example I can use, coated jeans (risky business). I purchased two pairs from New Look however the coating has ended up looking disastrous on both - so in total I've spent about £40 and only had them a few months. Moral of the story - I should have invested in a pair of better quality that would have lasted me through.. the hunt continues.

The moral of the story - second question your purchases and use this little equation, it's worthwhile. There's no use in clothes sitting in your wardrobe having been worn once and equally, there's no use in regretting the things you didn't buy!


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