Tuesday, 4 July 2017


If there's one thing I have learnt in the process of becoming a personal stylist, it's simply, practice what you preach. This ultimately meant me having to change the way I look at my wardrobe and saying goodbye to the items I don't wear. (I can admit, I had plenty of them).

It's satisfying selling clothes and making a bit of money, but the worst part is knowing you spent a whole lot of money on several items which have either sat in your wardrobe doing sweet nothing, been given away or sold for a rubbish figure like £3. Infuriating, I know.  

This is exactly why before you buy a new outfit, you should shop your wardrobe. I think sometimes needing an outfit for an event can take over and put pressure into panic buying - the feeling of not wanting to wear something you've worn before, or worrying about if people will judge you for wearing the same outfit twice. The chances are, people won't actually remember because they're too busy worrying about their own lives and if you look lovely, who's going to complain?  

It's always worth a quick 'edit' of your clothes to see if an existing favourite can be dressed up, perhaps by adding accessories or playing mix and match with one of your most worn items. Either that, or as I've mentioned before, note the things you feel you are missing from your wardrobe, i.e a black leather skirt to go with the endless tops you own. You will be surprised how different you can make an existing outfit look simply by being creative and having a play around with accessories and changing a few factors. A wardrobe full of the right extras means you relax more about the rest of the outfit.

Do get in touch if you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut, or have any styling dilemmas you'd like banished! All info over on www.stylingbyjessicaeades.co.uk.


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