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With Christmas on the horizon, most people are out spending money in prep for the festivities by buying gifts for loved ones or snapping up the perfect party ready outfit. Since Black Friday is being promoted everywhere.. I thought I would share a few shopping tips to help you shop smart (not just one the one occasion either).

Personally, I'd rather avoid the in store chaos - much like the boxing day sales. When you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have an order arrive 3-5 days later, it's far more appealing than trying to find your size in amongst complete mess and people in a manic frenzy.

1) Pinterest - the holy grail of shopping (as a stylist, I could not be without it now). If you see something you love - pin it, make a wishlist. I love doing this and it's super easy to click-through to the product. All the items are in one place which means you can keep an eye if they make the sale or are on promotion. I mean, you could also drop a subtle hint by sending someone the board you have created!?

2) Discount codes - the inability to shop without one. 10%, 15% or 20%...saving an extra £4 here and there really helps! Keep an eye out on the web, sign up to newsletters of the brands you love - you usually get a sign-up code as well as a birthday discount. I even search Twitter sometimes, you never know who's got an insider code. Oh and also, student discount, those uni or college friends are totally handy - I've currently got a card but my cousin (love you) was my life saver for the last few years.

3) Free delivery - ASOS £9.99 a year next day delivery has saved my life on numerous occasions. New Look have also just started the same promotion, which is totally worth it for NDD and free returns (ASOS even come collect it). You know that relevant quote...

"being absolutely fine with paying £90 for the items in your basket but the £3.99 for delivery makes you question everything"

3) TopCashback - I often use this when I can't find a discount code (you can't earn cashback when you use one unless it is approved & listed on the site). Hotel bookings, phone contracts or car insurance, these are the things where they offer a bigger earning but most fashion & homeware stores are listed, so next time you are without a code, give it a go - they don't always pay out straight away but I personally look at it as a bonus earning a few quid here and there (£150 in total).

4) Be prepared - Make a list before you shop, not necessarily of what you want to buy, but of the 10 fave items in your wardrobe. This will help you locate items that fit with what you own (or a reminder of the clothes that you never bother to take a second look at). A bit like a capsule wardrobe, it stops you buying items that you don't need by spending a few minutes working out what you need, rather than want.

5) Price Tags - Do NOT buy an item if you wouldn't buy it full price (this is slightly different with designer items and not being able to afford them usually) but what I'm saying is, everyone is a sucker for a good deal and sometimes the 50% price tag can look terribly convincing. Impulse buys only cause disappointment 80% of the time. Believe me, I've made the mistake too many times and I am learning from it - there's a reason it's in the sale in the first place.

6) Gifting - I always set a budget when buying for friends and family, Black Friday is perfect if you can get a good deal on what you had planned to buy anyway, or a gift which would be out of the price range without a discount. Keep an eye on retailers who rarely offer promotions.

7) Travel & Lifestyle - Planning a trip somewhere? A catch up with friends? Look out for promotions - especially during this week, as a lot of hotels and restaurants will be offering good deals. Afternoon tea, an overnight stay or spa days.. half price plans are always good plans.

Happy shopping!!

*Image sourced via pinterest - it is not my own.

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