Sunday, 10 July 2016


Best Stylish Hand Luggage Bags on the High Street - Personal Stylist

On my recent travels, as the infrequent flyer I am, I made the mistake of taking a hand luggage bag which was simply too small. The result - a dead arm and overflowing nightmare. Not travel chic at all.

So whilst researching suitable, yet stylish bags for my trip to Lisbon next week. I've selected six of the best bags under £40 to fit all of your travel essentials in.

The shopper seems to rate high in my travel stakes, they are big enough to fit everything in and although most don't always have a main zip, they usually have a mini bag attached inside - failing that I always use a large clutch to put all the important items in - so I don't let it put me off! Plus, by doing that, it's a step towards efficient packing by utilising an item you would be taking anyway - result!

Obviously, you now have to take in to consideration hand luggage size so I'd recommend double checking this with the airline before you buy and fly.

Decisions, decisions...

1) Debenhams £39.99
2) ASOS £35
3) Zara £19.99
4) Aldo £17.99
5) H&M £14.99
6) Warehouse £15


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  1. Have a lovely time in Lisbon - it's a fabulous city! We went there last year and loved it (especially the custard tarts!). xxx


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