Sunday, 24 April 2016


Sometimes, you just need a bit of colour in your life.

As I've said many times before, despite being a stylist, I still always wear black, it's a safe option and nearly everything comes with the option of black.

I recently learnt about colour analysis in my styling course and to put it simply, we all fall under one seasonal category, e.g. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Before I started my course, I had absolutely no idea how much of an impact a certain colour can have on your natural features. It's all down to brightness, saturation and hue, but there's no need to fear, as there are so many colours out there, you just have to select the right tone and once you are aware of what works, it enables you to explore colour options you never thought were possible. So to those of you who may be afraid of colour, don't be.

Just a bit of food for thought there next time you're out shopping. .

1) Topshop
2) River Island
4) Topshop
5) Warehouse


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