Sunday, 31 January 2016


Ah the trusty old wardrobe - the main problem with mine is that it is simply too small.

"At the start of the year turn all of your hangers backwards, once you wear something replace the hanger the right way. In a year, donate or sell anything that hasn't been worn."

Now, I saw this genius idea on twitter and decided that I should partake, because once again my wardrobe is full to the brim with items that as much as I hate to admit, I just don't wear.

The only issue I realised was how do I make it work with items that are folded up in drawers - so I considered perhaps folding them inside out and then once worn, fold them as you would (an OCD nightmare, but I'm sure I can get over that).

A year is definitely too long for me to wait to have a clear out so I've decided to start with 4 months and see how I go. I think actually it will be rather beneficial and interesting to see what I do wear and what items I'm just emotionally attached to. 

For this week's edit, I've included a selection of rather handy storage options. Who doesn't love a bit of organisation?!

1) Ikea - £4
2) H&M - £3.99
3) Ikea - £3
4) Ikea - £10
5) H&M - £12.99
6) Paperchase - £2.50


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