Wednesday, 6 January 2016


First of all, Happy New Year - I'm sure you've all heard that at least 100 times by now!

Since everyone has gone a bit sale crazy, I thought I'd start the year off with a new season edit. I was completely underwhelmed with the sales this year and only ended up purchasing a black clutch from Zara, which I technically needed, plus it was only £12.99! It's far too easy to buy items purely because of the low price tag, so my aim was to avoid making that mistake. Everything else I wanted of the had sold out (typical). I aborted the mission and decided to round up a selection of my favourite 'new in' styles instead...

How cool is the Mango clutch? I love it.

1) ZARA £35.99
2) Mango £17.99
3) Warehouse £50.00
4) ZARA £29.99
5) H&M £39.99
6) Warehouse £45


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