Sunday, 24 January 2016


I am currently living in jumpers, purely because the weather is far from tropical. Nothing beats a cosy knit with 25 layers underneath to avoid freezing to death in the office, right?

Jumpers are the kind of item that commonly make an appearance in my day-to-day outfits, so I'm always on the look out for affordable knitwear. I always fall into the black, 'because it's easy' trap, so this week, I've done a bit of high street searching and chosen a variety of jumpers, which include some subtle colour that will take you through to spring.

1) M&S - £19.50
2) Warehouse - £39
3) H&M - £24.99
4) Oasis - £38
5) River Island - £26
6) Mango - £29.99


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  1. My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long. See the link below for more info.



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