Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Veet EasyWax Roll-On Kit

As most of you probably don't know, my pain threshold is basically non-existent, so for me deciding to attempt to wax my own legs is a very brave move. I've heard about many home waxing kits and never had enough balls to actually try them. To me, using a razor seems like the most straight forward option, but since next day re-growth is the biggest bane of my life, I decided to make the move to waxing and see what all the fuss was about…

You'll all be pleased to know that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the Veet EasyWax Roll-On Kit was to use. You simply insert the wax refill into the heating device, place the device into the base, plug in the electric cable and leave to heat for approximately 30 minutes. I would suggest leaving it to heat for the full amount of time for best results.

Once the initial process is completed and you are good to go, you roll on the wax in the direction that your hair grows (from knee to ankle, if using on legs). For easy, slick application ensure that the slanted side of the roller is in contact with the skin. Now, the next part is where the fun begins - immediately after you have applied the wax to your legs, you place the white strip over the layer of wax, smooth it on so the wax adheres well and make sure you hold your skin taut when you rip off the wax strip, it is far more effective.

My advice for the next step:

Once you've finished this process, soothe the skin with a Veet Perfect Finish Wipe to remove any excess wax.

I didn't manage to wax both the top and bottom of my legs (I told you my pain threshold was bad) however, I am really impressed with the simplicity of the system and mess free process throughout. My legs have been left feeling super smooth and as they say girls.. no pain, no gain.

You can purchase Veet EasyWax from Boots or Superdrug who are currently offering 50% off the sensitive skin alternative to this product.

*PR sample for review


  1. Thank you! Just ordered one of these from Superdrug to try! x

    1. You're more than welcome! Let me know how you get on! X


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