Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Are you beach ready? High Street Holiday Essentials

Ring - Silver by Mail | Nail polish - Topshop | Bikini Top - River Island | Bikini Bottoms - River Island
| Bag - Topshop | Suitcase - Lulu Guinness | Sunglasses - Mango | Crochet Waistcoat - Mango | Tinted Moisturiser - MAC | Lipstick (Oh La La) - Topshop  | Blush - Benefit Sugarbomb | Panama Hat - Warehouse | Espadrilles - Next

The best part about summer getaways, second to being actually being there, is the pre holiday shopping. It's just THE perfect opportunity to add more summer essentials to your wardrobe.

Since I'm trying to plan a holiday, I thought I would put together a post with a selection of the fab items on the high street currently..

The essentials:

  • A chic airport bag (if the celebs can look shit hot, why can't we) and an extremely adaptable suitcase, we're talking size - for when you overpack. Flexibility and rotation - preferably 4 wheels, those 2 wheel suitcases are a no go. Who knows when you'll have to run through the airport? You have just got to be prepared. 
  • Bikini(s) - Now, I don't understand what it is about bikini's but despite the fact they are only worn several times a year, I still seem to need about 25 (thousand), in multiple styles, colours and patterns.. one for each day is the minimum requirement, at least. 
  • Beach cover-ups - If you're pale, or prone to burning. You'll probably live and die for a cover up and if it's fashionable then you can look great and avoid looking too much like a lobster. (Me - every time). The classic panama hat is alway a winner too, a burnt scalp/ overheating head really isn't most ideal.
  • Shoes (acceptable for the beach) - Obviously flip flops are the obvious choice of footwear when on holiday, however espadrilles are a fave of mine, purely because they are so easy to slip on and off and happen to be really very comfy. 
  • Sunglasses - ALWAYS, even if it's raining. A) they keep your eyes safe & B) you can hide behind them. They are also the best accessory to complete an outfit without any effort required.
  • Makeup - The beach babe look, simple illuminating BB cream or tinted moisturiser - you know the drill, any product which will create enough coverage but not too much. Blush/ bronzer - to add your natural glow! Lip - a bright colour, because you are on holiday after all so it's totally fine if you want to walk down the road with bright orange lips. 

  • Nails - Incase you've not had a pre-holiday mani! (I personally think nails always look better painted). Add a bit of matching jewelery and then you'll be ready to rock n' roll. 


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