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Wardrobe Revamp | YOU the style icon…

It is incredibly easy to get caught up with each new trend and just spend, spend spend. Impulse buying is also something which is far too easy to do, the sudden overwhelming feeling of finding something which you think is the bloody greatest thing in the world (or at least temporarily). I dread to even begin to imagine how much money I spend on clothes which I don't wear.

It has reached the time in my life where I have realised I am not cut out to hang up 349265376726 items of clothing, nor am I wealthy enough to have a walk in wardrobe/ personal assistant. So this is where the ultimate spring clean commences!

Since I'm currently studying to be a stylist I thought it was time I shared some of the tips and tricks I've learnt so far. So here we jolly well go, it's wardrobe revamp time…  


You can do it!

It's time to say goodbye… 

The only time in my life where I have an issue with departing with items is when I have to make the decision whether to get rid of an item of clothing. Let's face it, if it's still got the tag on, you've not worn it in six months or even considered wearing it,  the likelihood is you are never going to and actually there's a loving home elsewhere. 

(Don't worry it's OK, you will be fine and technically it means you can buy one killer item in exchange for all you have departed with). 


Organisation is key, as they say.

Choose outfits the night before, OR if you're really efficient hang items up as you would wear them, e.g. a top jacket and trousers, so you can do a Beyonce every morning and walk out the door like.. damn, 'I woke up like this'.

Knowing what works.. 
  • Essential staple items are a must, the ones that ever go out of style. For instance, the trench coat, a LBD, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt & a black jumper, etc etc (of course this varies with personal style). Quality, rather than quantity is the case with these backbone items. 
  • Flattering items - study your body shape and learn what works, until recently I had no idea what my exact body shape was and I certainly didn't realise the full extent of how even the slightest poorly fitted clothing can effect your whole look. 
  • Buy a whole new outfit at a time.. or think logically when shopping - if it will work with at least one or two other items or you can picture it working with other styles then the chances are you should probably buy it! When shopping, if I think I love something, I will usually leave the shop and if it sticks in my mind, that is the ultimate decision maker. It really works!!
  • Be clever, edit your wardrobe like you would a fashion magazine. Why have 50 average, 'quite nice at the time' outfits when you could have 20 drop dead, show stopping outfits? 
Silly mistakes.. 
  • Buying sale items for the sake of the lower price tag - yes, it's wonderful if it's something you've been lusting over for months and has suddenly become half price however, buying something just because £20 has been knocked off the price is not the way to shop. If I had a £1 for the amount of times I've done this, I wouldn't be in debt!
  • Wasting money on every sudden and short lived trend, when actually, you probably already own something similar which you can adapt and make work with the trend.  

Finally, be brave, fashion is fun. Dress how you want to be addressed! Be the person you would walk up to on the street and ask where they got that amazing outfit from… 

I do not own any of the above images, all images were sourced via pinterest. 



  1. This is all so true! I'm currently trying to get rid of my 'meh' clothes and find things I really love! Xx

    1. Sorry, must have missed your comment Naomi! It's far too easy to keep clothes for the sake of liking them. I need to take my own advice and have another clear out session! Xx

  2. This is all so true! I'm currently trying to get rid of my 'meh' clothes and find things I really love! Xx


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