Friday, 6 March 2015

9 Reasons I love London


I seem to spend so much of my spare time in London, that my life would probably be far easier if I lived there, although I'd be a hell of a lot poorer if this was the case. I just can't get enough..

  • The continuous buzz that surrounds the city - Regardless of the time of day, there's ALWAYS something to do. Exhibitions, the hundreds and thousands of food outlets, music events. You name it, London's got it.
  • People watching - Absolutely 100% my favourite thing to do. Seeing as London is one of the most diverse cities, you're never far of seeing the wild and absolutely wonderful styles and behaviours of the people you come across. Endless inspiration.. and some not so much. 
  • The best place for all things Fashion - It's the home of London Fashion Week (obvs), which attracts Fashionistas from all over the world. All the amazing HQ's and fashion related job opportunites are in London, there's also a very high possibility you can meet the best in the industry or someone equally as cool whilst you're there. If you aren't quite fancy enough to be invited to fashion week (me), there's London Fashion Weekend, the four day, biannual fashion showcase to attend or Vogue Festival. The BEST events, launches and parties are hosted in LDN, (I've only blagged my way into a few but that's enough to win me over). Oh and the best exhibitions at venues like the V&A for example, I am 100% going to be attending Alexander McQueen; Savage Beauty. 
  • Shopping - As if it's not a task to refrain from shopping as it is, London has every single possible shop and more than one of each. With a selection of high street, designer, vintage, unique and cute little boutiques, you're basically doomed. Unless you're rich, then PARTAY on. 
  • The endless supply of public transport - You're always about 5 steps away from being able to hop on a tube, or a bus or in a taxi and it's bloody brilliant, round here you have to walk about a mile to a bus stop that actually runs frequently. The only downside of course is the excessive traffic, at all times.  
  • Instagram worthy 'cool' places to go - Rooftop bars, The Ice Bar, Open Air Cinema's, Retro pop-ups. The posh or just simply lust-worthy locations e.g. Notting Hill, the perfect photo opportunity of the numerous colourful dreamy houses. Liberty (for the standard blogger photo near their selection of flowers). The proper fancy cafe's, we're talking either super healthy, or a calorie overload, I mean £7 for a cake is really not ideal, but the Instagram photo makes it worth it (apparently). 
  • The Greenery - Despite London being such a built up city, nothing beats cycling around Hyde Park on one of the Barclays bikes and nearly taking out every person in the process. There's also Richmond Park, that's nice. Oh and Primrose Hill - celeb spotting location, def need to go there, if it's good enough for Harry Styles.. I mean if i really have to walk up a hill I'd thoroughly enjoy the process if I found him at the top. 
  • Exercise - If you're the definition of lazy, London is PERFECT. With the 500 miles worth of walking around shops and 2548782328 tube steps, you've pretty much done a weekly workout in a day. WINNING. No wonder there's minimal fat people in London. 
  • Music - London is full of music venues, whether it's emerging talent you prefer, or the worlds most famous popstars, there's always an event going on to suit every musical need. Not to mention the day festivals and outside events during the summer months. Music makes the world go round.


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