Monday, 10 November 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M | Exclusive Shopping Event

Alexander Wang x H&M Launch Shopping Event DJ

3,2,1 mayhem..

Now we all know shopping can be quite stressful, but my god, these exclusive shopping events are MAD.

Alexander Wang x H&M Exclusive Shopping Event Regent Street

The sales assistants were amazing, super nice and incredibly tolerant, they had people literally jumping on them as they brought out new stock. You couldn't really move but the DJ was on point with the tunes, even the staff were groovin' behind the tills.

OH and the waiters, well it's a great shame they weren't for sale because they would have been snapped up quicker than you can imagine. Fit men always help in stressful situations, especially with alcohol on hand. One drunk best friend, a small changing room and multiple tight dresses… an experience which won't be forgotten. It's not every Wednesday you're shopping next to Ellie Goulding, the collection is SO her. I've also realised I managed to not recognise Jaime Winstone among others at the event too, that's what happens when you're absorbed in clothes.

Alexander Wang x H&M Launch, prosecco & clothes

I wasn't majorly fussed by the collection I must admit. It's definitely sports luxe which so many people can pull of this but it's just not my style, maybe if I was a gym enthusiast I would totally dig it but unfortunately I'm the opposite end of that scale.

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection - Mannequins  
   Alexander Wang Grey Scuba Jumper Alexander Wang x H&M Crop Top

I did buy a crop top which works wonders for your boobs, just not the breathing side of things. The sizing was a let down, I looked like mr blobby in the Scuba Jumper then it was boob central in the crop top, very strange sizing, one extreme to another. I loved that crop top too. Oww. Majorly regretting not grabbing one of the dresses when I had the chance. I do however have a very groovy key ring and my little brother was totally thrilled with his boxing glove keyring too. Er, successful?

 Alexander Wang x H&M Keyrings

What are your thoughts? Like, dislike?

I've seen a lot of, 'Well no one has worn Alexander Wang before now', that's probably because most normal people can't afford £700 dresses on a regular basis, hence why designer x high street collabs are great, just sayin'.

Girls at Alexander Wang x H&M Exclusive Shopping Event


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