Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mykonos Lookbook | OOTD - Crochet Cover-up

Crochet Beach Dress, Panama Hat, Mirrored Sunglasses & Embroidered purse
Crochet Beach Dress, Panama Hat, Mirrored Sunglasses & Embroidered purse
Crochet Beach Dress, Panama Hat, Mirrored Sunglasses & Embroidered purse

Close up of Crochet Beach Dress
Mykonos handmade floral embroidered purse next to pretty flower
Mykonos handmade floral embroidered purse

I sit here typing this post whilst there's thunder and lightning outside wondering why on earth I ever left Mykonos..

This is definitely my most-loved holiday outfit, beach ready and accessorised to add a bit of glam. I purchased this off a lovely lady who was selling a selection of beach cover ups, convinced by her infectious smile and welcoming attitude, she won me over, with a bit of help from the american girl who tried one on and looked great. Best €20 ever spent, because I actually lived in it for the rest of the holiday. The rest of the beach sellers on the other hand, were just plain annoying, just minding our own business trying to sunbathe and along they come, 'hey beautiful girls, you like my watch, I give you good price' It's a no from me.

And now we move onto the embroidered purse, oh my god. This is actually me in a purse and knowing only a minority have the same, makes me incredibly happy. I love how it is picture perfect and that it conveniently matched with the flower outside our apartment. If anyone goes abroad and finds anything remotely similar, in the size of a clutch bag, then please please please buy it for me, or better that, if you know how to make one, get in touch. I think I may have to search eBay too.

Mirrored sunnies, great for having a browse at a hottie and not being caught, I mean of course, I totally didn't do that. Panama hat, incase you do get caught, perfect to hide your face/ the tragic not really sure what it's doing hair style.

Panama Hat - Warehouse
Sunnies - Tourist shop in Mykonos town (similar here)
Crochet cover-up - Beach Lady (similar here)
Bikini - Oh my Love Top, Topshop Bottoms (old)
Purse - Boutique in Mykonos town
Sandals - Primark



  1. I bought a crochet dress yesterday from Primark, it looks lovely on you!!! Hope you had a lovely holiday xx

    Strawberry Shortcake | Style Blog

    1. Great buy! Thank you, I'm sure yours looks super lovely on you! I did thank you :) xx


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