Wednesday, 1 April 2015

ShoeLicks | Get the Louboutin Look

ShoeLicks Liberty London Inspired Forget Me Not Print
ShoeLicks Application - What you need
 "Inspired by Liberty's print, we've merged this beautifully funky classic look with the kaleidoscopic trends of this season to make you something really eye catching"

ShoeLicks Info
ShoeLicks Forget Me Not Applied to Forever 21 Court Heels
ShoeLicks Forget Me Not Liberty London Inspired Print
ShoeLicks Soles
Legs, Pimp your Heels with ShoeLicks
Heels - Forever 21 | ShoeLicks - Forget Me Not

Ever wish you had multiple pairs of Louboutin's with fancy red soles, but no cash to splash? Well, the latest must have accessory to hit the highstreet may just be the solution we've all been looking for..

ShoeLicks is a UK based brand, that sell a range of adhesive stickers which fit perfectly to the sole of your heels, the easy way to create a unique look in minutes. From classic red to Liberty inspired floral print, colour block pastels and a selection of other groovy patterns, whether you're subtle or sassy, there's something for everyone.

All ShoeLicks are durable to the weather, easy to use, long-lasting, one-size-fits-all and are easily removable, so you'll have no troubles. Let's face it, the soles of shoes are never particularly exciting so why wouldn't you want to make them POP. At only £2.99, you can mix and match.

The application is quick and simple, it took me about 20 minutes - you could definitely do it a lot quicker with a bit of practice and it probably helps if you aren't a perfectionist, OCD came out in full force. ShoeLicks provide a card with a step by step guide and their top tips and tricks in the packet so there's no excuse not to have a go! I used a large pair of scissors to cut along the edge, I'd definitely recommend a using thin edge nail scissors to get a precise line.

Charlotte, founder & designer of ShoeLicks is incredibly lovely so do pop over to twitter and say hi if you have a chance.

Aaaaand, I may have heard on the grapevine that ShoeLicks are collaborating with River Island.. which is pretty exciting so, watch this space.

You know what to do, pimp yo' heels girls..


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