Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Life and the route everyone is expected to take ... I call this the 'marmite' blog post.

Whilst everyone intends to take the perfect route in life.. sometimes it just goes tits up.

No I didn't want to go to college or Uni, does that make me a bad person? Well, to certain individuals, yes. Bore me later.

Why should everyone have to walk the same path? Who makes these decisions anyway? Don't get me wrong, college and university are amazing and I wouldn't ever advise someone not to go, however ..I am certainly not one to thrive in an academic environment and I can't help that. After spending the last 2 years of my school life suffering depression and constantly putting on a brave face, I was fed up of the exams, the stress, learning things hated, I was completely clueless of what I wanted to do and just wanted to leap into the big wide world.

Despite the disagreements, arguments and the mind boggling advice I was having thrown at me, I stuck to my guns and did what I wanted, even if it was utterly terrifying. 

The weeks following turned into interview after interview with a big load of time consuming disappointment thrown in, I wasn't going to let not being considered or turned down stop me from doing what I wanted. After feeling some what deflated, I was offered two jobs at the same time - what is it with life doing that. I was well and truly baffled with which step I should take next, what if I don't like it? what if I can't do it? WHAT IF? After the 50348357383 million thoughts and questions that circled my head, I went with my gut feeling and turned them both down, bearing in mind that could have turned out the worst decision ever made, I still did it.

I was growing incredibly bored of writing the same old crap about myself on an online form, so I took it upon myself to write to companies which I would have liked to work at, I must have been the luckiest person in the world as I was then called by a company I had approached myself. I came to the realisation that these people were the ones who had actually taken their time to read my letter in the bundles of junk mail which is received on a daily basis. I went for the interview and got the job. I had done it, my efforts had been noticed. HALLELUJAH. 

..OK, so this wasn't my dream job, I wasn't earning mega, £2.60 an hour to be precise. Yep, apprenticeship wage is well and truly shocking, BUT I was gaining experience and everyday life skills, both of which are soooooo important. Looking back, as cliche as it sounds, I never did quite realise how much I'd learn in the year I was there and I can only be thankful for everything, I completed my apprenticeship and left with a qualification and more knowledge than I could have ever imagined and an amazing job going forward.

Education really doesn't teach you enough of the stuff from the real world, sorry but I can't recall measuring a triangle since leaving school, but whatever. .

Just me, probably. 

Whilst I didn't study Fashion.. something I have always loved. I truly believe that social media IS the most amazing platform which creates stepping stones to everything you could ever imagine. If I hadn't started my blog, I would never have had as many opportunities as I have in the past few months or met so many amazing people and now I constantly think to myself.. why on earth did I ever consider not making a blog? Why did I let caring about what people think stop me from doing something I love? 

It's OK not to want to do the same as everyone else.

If i've learnt anything from my experience, it's that you should always do what makes you happy and take every opportunity while it's possible. Oh and surround yourself with positive and genuine people. I make mistakes ALL the time, but I'm happier than ever and believe I did make the right decision, I have a job I love which makes going to work SO much easier. Whilst being nice and considering others is incredibly important, I think we often forget to think about ourselves, I may not have the highest qualifications in the book, but hey I DON'T CARE all I want is to be happy, everything else is a bonus.

Life is one big learning curve.

Ps. you are allowed to agree to disagree.



  1. BRAVO. So brave, no sarcasm intended. I've JUST finished uni and I feel more lost than ever to the point where I don't even know what would make me happy and which direction I actually want to go it. Seriously good for you for not listening to others and going with your gut because it seems to be paying off! And you've managed to avoid the thousands of pounds of student debts!!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

    1. Thank you so much Jade! Sorry to hear you feel lost :( It will only get better, if you do anything fashion related you will own it, I have no doubt. Really appreciate your lovely comment. Ha ha just about avoided debt - apart from the credit card. OOPS. x

  2. I'm glad you've find something you like and are doing you like Jess!! Keep up the determination and who knows, one day we could be wearing 'eades' one day :) hehe xx

    1. Thank you Joey. How fabulous would that be! I would just love to be a stylist! :) Love you lots.xx

  3. That made no sense!! Aha, bout you know what i mean :) xx


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