Thursday, 6 March 2014

OOOOOH Beyoncé Beyoncé

On Saturday night i saw Beyoncé at the O2 in London and had one of the best nights of my life by far. The woman is out of this world. I was literally stunned at how perfect she is, I do still refuse to believe that she's a real person, I mean how is it actually possible for someone to be so amazing? We all know who won the gene aka.. everything lottery.

The night started by being treated to dinner at Zizi's, which was lovely. Once we had finished we headed over to the Sky Backstage Bar to relax and wait for the show to start. Being the diva she is, Beyoncé wasn't due on stage until 9pm, I was shocked at the fact she didn't have a proper support act, well apart from a Dj who was well, not quite Calvin Harris shall we say. Then again, can anyone live up to the standards of Beyoncé?

After last year's disastrous attempt of getting tickets, I had lost all hope and never thought i'd actually see her on tour and that's when it hit me, I was actually going to be in the same room as Beyoncé aaaaand breathe 2 3 4.

When the lights went down the whole arena went CRAZY and there in front of our eyes appeared the angel that is Beyoncé.

I decided to take my camera with me, despite nearly being refused entry as a man was trying to tell me it was a professional camera, I was having none of it and I think he could tell by my face that no was not an acceptable answer. Thankfully one of the other members of staff knew what he was talking about, looked at the lens and let me in. PHEW.

So it would help if I actually knew how to use all the settings properly on my camera (a task I must complete ASAP). I gave it my best shot and hoped for the best. The pictures weren't as great as I had wished, however you can see Beyoncé's face and that's all that matters, right?

The staging, lighting and dancers were beyond incredible. I've been to plenty of concerts but WOW, this was in a different league, 100% the best one.

Move over Miley, Beyoncé takes twerking to a whole new level. I dream of being able to dance and look as sexy as she does, let alone sing at the same time and still sound flawless. In Beyoncé's words .. "I woke up like this". I was worn out just watching her.

Of course there would be a special guest and who better than her own husband JAY-Z, I'm surprised the roof was still on the arena at the end of the show, everyone went wild. He came on stage to perform Drunk In love and my goodness the way he looks at her is just amazing, it's like he's blown away every time he sets eyes on her, can you blame him? I mean if I had a husband like David Beckham for example, I'd certainly be the same. Like that'll happen..

There's no way I can pick a favorite song, the whole show was just phenomenal, although what was rather wonderful is that Beyoncé sang Happy Birthday and well seeing as it was my birthday about 1 hour later, I 100% pretended she had dedicated it to me. Everyone would, obvs. Such a nice little gesture to her fans.

Despite nearly having to take out a loan to afford the ticket at £95, it was worth every penny and if you haven't seen her live, you HAVE to get tickets for her next tour. Aaaaaaamaaaaaazinggggggg.

Ps. pictures have come out worse on this post here, how annoying.


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