Sunday, 12 January 2014


The picture says it all..
The city of lights

The classic monument pose

The vital Eiffel Tower selfies

Incredible views from the Eiffel Tower by day..

A cute little square, with shops way out of my budget .. *sobs*

The stairway of dreams


Macaroons ..mmm

Not so healthy.. typical me

The Arc De Triomphe..
just call me the bag lady

Incredible feather detailing inside the Arc

The Champs-Elysées - Amazing

It's quite a long road...

Love lock 

Throw that key 

Picture time
An array of colourful locks on the Love Lock Bridge

And strike a pose

Pretty impressive building huh?

Let's all appreciate the most gorgeous & happy baby dressed as a white teddy. Whole new level of cute..
Paris taught us both that the men out there are creepy, apparently if you ask a person to take a photo they then think that means it's ok to ask to take you out on a date? Since when is that a thing? It happened, more than once.
PS. Thanks for the pic, it's a no from us. 
Paris, you never fail to amaze me.


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